Aliens & Asteroids: The Tahlken Prison Colony

Moebius Adventures

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A new world for your grunts to explore...and die on!

Hidden in the maelstrom of the Stellar Graveyard lies a forgotten, icy, inhospitable world -- Kalesh -- the last outpost of the Tahlken, an alien race nearly wiped out by the Dread. But it's the mines of Kalesh that have Dominion scientists lying awake at night...Atherium is a new source of energy that will change warfare forever.

Within The Tahlken Prison Colony, you will find a whole new world with its own complicated way of operating, including a government who has remained cold to closer relationships with the Dominion, an alien race with an emphasis on freedom, new technology, new creatures, and the first playable alien race for Aliens & Asteroids.
Hang on to your butts, Space Marines, it's going to be a bumpy ride...
This is a setting book for Aliens & Asteroids and requires the A&A corebook.