Knights of Underbed (TinyD6)

Knights of Underbed (TinyD6)

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Explore the dark and dangerous basement, creep into the creepy attic, visit the glorious metropolis of Underbed, or adventure in the Dreamlands all while making sure your child is safe from evil monsters and nightmares that want to suck the happiness out of their lives.

Using this game you play stuffed animals, dolls, and action figures defending your sleeping human children from monsters and nightmares. Play grumpy stuffed dogs, mysterious black cats, energetic tigers, proud space rangers, determined penguins, good monsters, or any type of plush toy you can imagine.

Knights of Underbed uses the TinyD6 game with a setting and theme focused towards family play. It presents accessible, easy to teach, learn and understand rules, as well as carefully crafted content, just for kids and younger audiences!

This is a standalone book