A Tangle of Tr1ff

A Tangle of Tr1ff

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Don't get tripped up on Tr1ff!

Welcome to the planet TRAPPIST-1f. The name is a bit of a mouthful, so just call it Tr1ff. We're just getting started exploring the surface, it ain't too friendly of a place. Wandering islands of trees and several marine-eating predators ready to defend their territory are causing some mighty large problems for the scientific and settlement outpost. 

This is an adventure for the Aliens & Asteroids RPG and requires the Aliens & Asteroids core book. Inside you'll find a description of Tr1ff, a new world to explore on the edge of Dominion space with a unique biome and a few of its own challenges. Included are seven distinct alien species including Ormel Ants, Swamp Spikes, Tr1ffid Lamprey, and Tr1ffid Manatee. Use Tr1ff as the base for new adventures or use it as the first target for a Dread invasion! 

Also included is a scenario sending your heroes to explore a ship in distress and mutated flora on board. Can your Space Marines save the crew of the DCS Malko, keep it from infecting another ship, or even stop it from infecting an entire planet? Good luck, Marines!

You can find the Aliens & Asteroids book here!