War of the Magi

War of the Magi

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War of the Magi

What if sorcerers were real, and they were all around us? Would they hide their talents from us? Would they protect us or try to dominate us? Would they consider us equals or as lesser beings?

This book tries to answer those questions with a supplement for Dark Streets & Darker Secrets, an urban fantasy and action-horror game. Inspired by the sorcerer school series, the Highlander movies, and the World of Darkness games, War of the Magi focuses on sorcerous characters on the brink of war, dealing with supernatural threats and each other. 

The book (as currently planned) is a digitally printed, softcover book with a B&W interior. It numbers 72 pages (including cover), and is already edited, laid-out and text and art complete.  

If War of the Magi achieves 500 GallantFunding orders, we can upgrade the print run to an offset print run!

If War of the Magi achieves 1,000 GallantFunding orders, we can upgrade the print run to an offset hardcover print run!

If you want more Dark Streets & Darker Secrets, you can combine your GallantFunding order with Old Skull Zine #1 or the Dark Streets & Darker Secrets rulebook!

The War of the Magi GallantFunding!

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Why GallantFunding?

As Gallant Knight Games grows, we're attempting to find better solutions to help our small business and the publishing partners we work with. A lack of transparency, as well as creative control on other crowdfunding platforms has caused friction and concern, and this is one of our attempts to find a solution. 

This solution allows us a few options:

  1. First, we can make sure creatives we work with get paid more. The reduction in additional fees is healthy for everyone involved. 
  2. We have more control and flexibility over how we present these preorders. We can do a quantity based campaign or "currency" based campaign. We control the full communication, which we do via our emailing list, so you'll need to opt in for emails or come back to this page to read the updates here or on our Tiny Tuesday updates.)
  3. Our goals can be fluid. If we get a better manufacturing deal (i.e., need to print less), we can adjust or lower the goal without needing to start or manipulate a new campaign. 

How does GallantFunding work?

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Our Promise & Guarantee

For us, in many ways, this is uncharted waters. The world is changing and we're trying to change with it. As a small, creative, and niche business, we’re doing our best to change in advance. GallantFunding is a new process, with new concerns, issues, and problems we haven't anticipated. GKG has produced over 100 physical books and products, ran over 25 crowdfunding campaigns, and Alan (our founder) has managed dozens more as a freelancer.

You can rest assured, if there is one thing we know how to do, it's get you the product. 

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