Swordpoint (Landscape ZineQuest Edition)

Swordpoint (Landscape ZineQuest Edition)

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Swordpoint is a d100 swashbuckling-themed zine using the Legend OGL (from Mongoose Publishing). The tone and theme is inspired by MusketeersCaptain Alatriste, and European Continent around the 1600s, as well as older games like En Garde, Flashing Blades, and more. As part of Gallant Knight Games' participation in the 2021 ZineQuest on Kickstarter, Alan Bahr did the layout himself. 

From Alan: "The rules are condensed to about 60 pages in a 5"x8" landscape format. I always wanted to try a landscape book, and I like how they read on tablets and phones, so I figured why not. I did all the layout myself, so it's not super fancy, but I tried to keep it simple and functional."

What it has:

  • The rules you need to play. A hacked d100 system (it'll feel familiar if you know d100 RPGs.)
  • New rules for this iteration of the d100 RPG: Style points. Streamlined combat. A lightweight magic system. 
  • Genre rules for grudges, revenge, rank, duels, and some enemies (not many enemies though. Like 3.)
  • A compatibility license. 
  • PDF bookmarks. 

What it doesn't have:

  • Lots of rules.
  • Lots of art. Most of the art is from Shutterstock or public domain. There's only like 5-6 pieces in the book total, just to fill white space.
  • Fancy layout. Remember: DIY layout. It should be pretty straightforward and easy to read though.


Photo Courtesy of Roberto Micheri