Crescendo of Violence

Crescendo of Violence

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Crescendo of Violence is the new GMless post-heist shoot-out roleplaying game! Part of the Gallant Pocket Games line, Crescendo is a GMless narrative roleplaying game that involves betrayal, backstabbing, and more! Players will take on the role of thieves attempting to divvy out their loot after a heist. Played over a number of rounds, the thieves have only a limited amount of time until the law comes crashing down on them. 

Will you live? Will you get the loot? 

Crescendo of Violence uses a heavily modified D6^3 Mayhem system, created by Alan Bahr for the Planet Mercenary roleplaying game. 

Like all Gallant Pocket Games, Crescendo of Violence assumes previous experiences with RPGs and a basic understanding of the concepts and tropes in roleplaying games. 

This product comes with the Print cards for use with the GMless Crescendo of Violence roleplaying game from Gallant Knight Games.