GVW: Mork Borg-Powered Hardcore Wrestling

GVW: Mork Borg-Powered Hardcore Wrestling

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The Overview

Let's keep it simple.

  • This is a 20 page wrestling zine.
  • It's powered by a hack of Mork Borg.
  • It's designed to emulate 90's hardcore wrestling in a pretty haphazard fashion. 
  • It's for 2-3 players (I mean, you could do more, but that's on you).
  • I wrote it so I could work with my buddy HodagRPG (who did all the art).
  • Our friend Kris McClanahan from Deeply Dapper did all the layout in the 90s magazine style, so it looks  hardcore
  • I was also able to use a lot of rude words, which is always fun for me.

What's in the Zine?

  • A handful of archetypes (Bruiser, Hardcore Legend, Ring General, Aerial Assassin, and more). 
  • Random weapon tables.
  • Random gear tables.
  • Random location, promotion, and pay-per-view tables.
  • Some in-universe wrestler bios (with statblocks hidden in them!) 
  • Awesome art from HodagRPG.
  • Awesome magazine inspired layout from Krazy Kris. 

What's NOT in the Zine?

  • Extensive NPC lists.
  • Detailed rules.
  • Solo rules (sorry). 
  • Tight editing (we were focused on having fun with the DIY bit. There's probably a few errors, sorry). 
  • Polite language.