The Zurich Rendezvous

The Zurich Rendezvous

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High-Action Espionage in the Alps!

Switzerland is home to many things: the beautiful alps, iconic architecture, and incredibly loose financial laws, making it the perfect place to hide wealth and assets. One particular family, the Trüssels, led by patriarch Vigeli, has amassed great wealth and has no qualms with displaying it.

Their most valuable set of items are the Trüssel Family Jewels, which are normally stored in a locked vault within the Zurich Banking Trust. However, Vigeli is hosting an extravagant party at Chalet Trüssel in Zurich, and the jewels will be the centerpiece of the party. 

C.O.V.E.R.T. believes that D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R. has designs on these jewels! It's up to you, the agents, to put a stop to the nefarious plans and protect the world!

This adventure is suitable for one night of gaming, and requires the Tiny Spies roleplaying game.