Old Skull Zine #2

Old Skull Zine #2

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The second issue of the zine for Old Skull Publishing!

This 38 page zine features support of all sorts for Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells, including: 

  • In Search of the Lightning Spear: an adventure where the players can end up as allies or enemies of space Amazons on a quest to recover a relic.
  • The Prismatic Amazons: A faction comprised of many space amazon tribes which defend the cosmos!
  • The Cult of the Black Star: A cult of a reborn Star God, which has been corrupted!
  • Cult Generator: New tools for generating cults and their supernatural entities!

Written by the creator of SB&CS, Diogo Nogueira, this zine is a must have if you love science fantasy, pulp sci-fi or acid fantasy roleplaying games!