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From game designer Alan Bahr, comes an old roleplaying game. Eorathril is a collection of classically inspired mechanics, leveraging the legacy of the famous d20 mechanics, forged into a new game that represents the storytelling style and martial roleplaying of yesteryore!

Designed to emulate classic fantasy literature, Eorathril has a martial bent, featuring brave swordmasters, daring knights, fierce barbarians, wise sages and much more! Subtle tweaks to the ruleset, and a compilation of carefully chosen mechanics add to the heroic feel of the game, as well as a very brief primer on Eorathril, the home fantasy campaign of Alan Bahr.

Grab your sword, heft your spear, and prepare for a game of heroic adventures!

The game is heavily based on classic White Box style roleplaying, but features some modern narrative mechanics. 

Eorathril is a complete game, and was made possible by the Gallant Knight Games Patrons.