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We lost the surface world centuries ago…

Our ancestors tell of a time when dwarf and goblin walked among the stars, when we fought as bitter enemies, when wars were waged over unimaginably petty slights. Those days are gone. Consigned to the hazy memories, distant legends and forgotten times before we were driven underground.

Before, the Cairnking came. Hordes of undead rampaged across the surface world, driving us further and further back and in a last ditch effort, the great forgepriests and goblin magi joined forces, sealing the tunnels to the surface world behind us as we retreated into the dark.

DEEP DARK is a roleplaying game of dwarves and goblins, co-existing in an underground society, as they struggle to carve out a new world for themselves. 

You will go on adventures to clear monsters who might prey on the travelers in the tunnels that connect the cities, seek new alchemical agents or resources to aid your peoples, and work with allies as you create new adventures together!

Illustrated by Nicolas Giacondino, written and laid out by Alan Bahr, and published by Gallant Knight Games, DEEP DARK is a rules-light, minimalist fantasy RPG powered by and inspired by a combination of games like Knave, Tunnel Goons, and much more!

Character creation, a small group of enemies, rules for dwarven rune magic, goblin chaos magi, and useful tables populate this 40 page zine.