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Welcome to the Endless Swamp

Fenmire is a campaign setting about a never-ending swamp, where a magical apocalypse has submerged ancient civilizations, hiding treasure and history alike! New creatures brought into being by the massive magical outburst threaten those who survived, and new allies emerge from the endless swamps.

You've formed an alliance with others and set out to create your own home in the wetlands, free from the tyrannical gauntlet of the Mirelords, carving out safety, glory and treasure for yourself!

Fenmire is a small, skeleton setting, designed to be used be plugged in to existing games or fleshed out at your table. It features new heritages:

  • Troll
  • Froglings
  • Swamp Elf
  • Bog Dwarf

as well as new enemies, allies, and NPCs to experience!

This supplement does require the Tiny Dungeon 2e rulebook.