Atomic Highway: Irradiated Freaks

Atomic Highway: Irradiated Freaks

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Muties. Freaks. Abominations. Radscum. Monsters.
The twisted victims of radiation, biochemical warfare, and mutagenic agents, mutants are outsiders, loathed, feared, shunned, and victimized by the ranks of normal humanity.
Whether unique in their taint or members of stable groups of new radborn species, mutants may possess abilities strange or horrific, may be threat or ally, individuals every bit as complex and individual as any normal man.
Humans and beasts alike may bear mutations, and there are whispers that such perversions of nature have occurred as to allow plants to think and move like men...

Irradiated Freaks is the mutant supplement for the Atomic Highway Roleplaying Game. You need a copy of Atomic Highway to make use of this book.


  • Over 80 new mutations and flaws, including psychic powers; an extra head, irritant bristles, or pyrokinesis might be your mutation!
  • Rules for over 60 new humanoid animals including amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles; play as a humanoid falcon, frog, kangaroo, or turtle!
  • Rules for intelligent humanoid plants; play as a humanoid mushroom, oak tree, or rose bush!
  • An expanded bestiary of 50 mutant beasts and monstrosities; fight lake blimps and rodents of unusual size!
  • Appendices on rolling random Humanoid character types and Making Monsters!