By Feather and Coop

By Feather and Coop

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A new zine supplement for The Hero's Journey: Second Edition!

Chickens? Really?

Yes, really.

By Feather and Coop is a small zine supplement for Barrel Rider Games' The Hero's Journey: Second Edition! It features a new character lineage (the Bantam - yes, you can play a chicken), new spells, heirlooms, and a small menagerie of creatures!

The final zine is around 25 pages, and features new art from Nicolas Giacondino!

The PDF is fully laid-out, art complete and ready to go! You'll get the PDF when you help GallantFund this item, with the option for a printed zine. The print edition of this zine will only be available from the GKG webstore. If you get the print+PDF edition, it can take up to 48 hours for your PDF to fulfill (it's a manual process on our end at this time.)

After the GallantFunding Campaign is complete, we'll send all supporters a DriveThruRPG code for a PDF redemption through that system as well!

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