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Welcome to EMTcorp

Welcome to Flatline, a near-future dystopian roleplaying game about armed EMTs who execute intensive medical ops to protect the richest clients of Executive Medical Technologies. You play as a member of a Sammie team, an employee who works in Samaritan Division, the armed response division of EMTcorp.

You’ll work with your teammates to execute operations to recover, resuscitate, and revive your high-end clients on EMTcorps “Golden Hour” insurance plan. You’ll rush into firefights while conducting first aid, engage in vehicular chases while attempting to attach cyberware to dying clients, all while working for the largest private insurance company in the 23rd century.

Private insurance is a rich man’s game, and you can bet you’ll be rescuing the highest profile clients you can imagine.

FLATLINE is powered by Fate Accelerated and this book contains the Fate Accelerated rules in their entirety.