Mecha & Monsters: Evolved - Core Rulebook

Mecha & Monsters: Evolved - Core Rulebook

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Mecha & Monsters: Evolved is a kaiju and mecha roleplaying game, where you take on the role of giant monsters or brave pilots in giant robots, and tell stories that almost always result in cities being leveled….

Using the rules in this book, you'll be able to play giant stompy robots defending civilization, awakened monsters wreaking havoc to teach mankind a lesson, bizarre deep space hybrids and so, so much more. Toolkits for tracking destruction, evolutions, upgrades, and more feature in the book, enabling you to run the giant-sized campaign of your dreams.
Featuring several small settings to inspire your game, as well as a campaign that can be played as either kaiju or mecha against the other side, Mecha & Monsters: Evolved is the minimalist roleplaying game about giant-sized entities you’ve been waiting for!

Mecha & Monsters: Evolved features the TinyD6 ruleset, a minimalist 3d6 system, designed for quick play, fast resolution, and to be easy to learn and teach! 

What's different in the new edition of Mecha & Monsters? We're glad you asked! Mecha & Monsters was our second game (ever!) and we've learned a lot since then. We're applying all the lessons we learned in this new edition.

  • Loads of new art (along with some returning favorite pieces!)
  • Updated rules for combat, ranges, evolutions, systems.
  • Reedited text for clarity, rules accuracy and feedback learned over the years
  • And a shiny new campaign and adventure path written by Banana Chan and Sen-Foong Lim! This campaign allows you to play as the brave Alpha Lance, protecting humanity, or the giant Kaiju defending their planet (a brave and enterprising GM could even run two groups against each other, and never tell them!)