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Horror and Mystery Await!

Vatermorder is a well-known and sacred place, far-removed from the rigors of civilization. The thorp of Vatermorder houses a mere eight people. Three serve the church and five who tend to the grounds and grow its food. It is a simple collection of five buildings, four obelisks, and a massive sword shrine dedicated to the God-Killer, Rathmar. But, for whatever reason, the king has outlawed the use of the land for anything other than the shrine and the church which curates the land.

A few times a year, King Hendrick sends couriers and envoys to the shrine to deliver messages and supplies, and generally check in on the welfare of Vatermorder’s inhabitants. This time, the PCs have been hired/selected to the task. 

However, things are amiss at Vatermorder, as the players will soon learn when they arrive. Can they solve the mysteries and uncover what occured here? What horrible truths await them?

Vatermorder is a small, one-evening adventure for Tiny Dungeon 2e, themed around horror and investigation, with multiple outcomes!